The existing office space was drab and pieced together, with more Cat5 cable in one 1,200 SF space than can be found in most office buildings.  As is the paradigm of many older office building designs, the footprint had an open office area with private offices at the exterior wall.  This layout makes a statement about hierarchy and principles--it says that the most important people get to have the better quality space.  So we prepared some alternative layouts for Resoundant to see if they could change that paradigm.  In order to break down the isolation for those spaces, we developed design options to add more transparency while improving the quality of the interior environment for everyone. The final layout prioritized access to abundant natural light with distinct enclosed spaces on the interior walls.  The space was also designed to provide a high level of flexibility since the company is in a rapid growth mode and could expand from 4 to 6 to 8 individuals in the next few years.