Along 1st Avenue SW, just a stone's throw from 2nd Street SW and directly below Newt's Express, there used to be the Jewelry & Watch Doctor.  In this vacant tenant space, 9.SQUARE was initially asked to prepare a conceptual design for a high-end nail salon in the 940sf space.  The success of this concept sketch led to the full commission of design and construction oversight for the Nail Bar.

 “In conceiving the interior as a work of art, the artist must first think of it as a space, as the overall form and the interrelationship of the space-enclosing surfaces.”

The above quote from Herman Muthesius was our jumping off point.  To transform this interior space we used a series of folded planes (our version of "space-enclosing surfaces") to shape and cultivate different feels for the interior environment.  The entry was also completely redesigned to take advantage of the prominent street frontage, improve ADA accessibility, and create a transparent, active, retail storefront.  The look and feel is meant to be both modern and urban with a series of accents to contrast the simple palette of clean materials.