In Architecture...I Believe

The dynamic nature of our profession coupled with the drive to innovate, redefine and better the built environment supplies me with a passion for architecture.  I am continually seeking opportunities to learn, absorb or re-address aspects of this career in pursuit of happiness.  To this point I have found nothing more intriguing than the feeling of awe and wonderment inherent in truly magnificent architectural space.  I readily grasp the concept that I am young and naïve in this business yet somehow refuse to let myself accept that fact.  For me it is not a question of “if” but “when” I will be given the chance to influence design after engaging the client in a discussion of explicit and implicit needs. 

I believe in the altruistic nature of my role in society and that there is no greater achievement than helping others.  We, as designers, are blessed to have the skill set and wherewithal to conceptualize, analyze, synthesize and actualize solutions to an ailment the general public may have never realized they possessed.  What greater charge in life is there than ours?  

Ultimately, whether professionally or personally I strive to fill my life with architecture.