Time to DREAM together!

As previously referenced by DMC and the media, the team* working on the public space design for the Heart of the City in Rochester released our DISCOVER report and presented to the DMCC Board and City Council.   The report was the culmination of that phase of work, aimed at truly understanding the context and constraints that surround the Heart of the City geography.  Armed with that knowledge, we are now continuing on to the DREAM phase where conceptual ideas are formed and community involvement is critical.  

With that, we invite you to "DREAM with us" as we workshop solutions that will enhance the many assets of this place we call home and improve upon the experience of visiting the Heart of the City.  Join us THURSDAY, MARCH 09, 2017 at the Rochester Art Center.

The intent of this first, large-scale, broad community workshop, is to engage in meaningful discussion about what we learned during the DISCOVER phase and how it translates into design of the Heart of the City public space.  We are hoping to stimulate your creative side and garner feedback on what would create an authentic and iconic design that resonates with the larger community.  

* Design Team: