Open for Business

Many of you may have seen last week the Facebook announcement that the 9.SQUARE office was officially open in The Vault above Sontes.  Here is the first ever picture of the completed  space after: 

  • tile and mastic removed
  • hardwood floors sanded and refinished
  • electrical wiring updated
  • wallpaper removed
  • walls and ceiling prepped and painted
  • woodwork cleaned and polished
  • furniture moved in


Thanks to all who have helped in the move and in the business that has filled up a successful first week.  Inaugural clients included Snappy Stop, Lumber One, and Reynolds Design + Construction.  Also keep up to date on the many other talented and motivated entrepreneur's that are a part of The Vault in the weeks to come.  Hopefully a website will be up and running with some bios and links to websites.  

Cheers, Rochester!