9.SQUARE: not judging covers since 2012

It is an old saying, but it is damn true. Don't judge a book by its cover.  

During our time in Rochester, we have been a part of some very exciting adaptive reuse projects.  They provide the kind of creative challenge that gets our blood pumping.  As we often say, anyone can design a strip mall in a cornfield.  But it takes a rigorous design process to create lasting, memorable places within our most overlooked spaces.

To celebrate the state of things "before" design has occurred, the following is a pictorial list of our favorite spaces as they appeared one Day 1.  See if you can recognize what these uninspiring and banal photos have become today.

Tri-Tip Lofts

The Doggery

Nail Bar

Limb Lab

Forager Brewery & Kutzky Market