Top Floor, Riverside

The Winona State University build out on the top floor of the Riverside Building is the continued evolution of this dynamic historic building in downtown Rochester.  

My love affair with this building has been well documented and 9.SQUARE has been fortunate to be engaged on the design of various spaces within the building.  

Starting with Limb Lab and then Cambria on the ground floor, the entire facility is being upgraded and cleaned up.  As a former worker-bee (7 years) on the top floor, I have a tremendous amount of respect and reverence for the building and in particular the top floor space.  I have often argued that the office space is one of the top 5 office spaces in all of downtown Rochester.  

It has been a pleasure to work on the design and create a space for WSU that preserves the elements of the building that make it so unique and insert the necessary elements to satisfy their programmatic requirements.  We also teamed up with LIMN Design Studio and former Rochester resident Mike Sullivan for the interior design.

The design is a what I would call a hybrid between strict classroom/education space and entrepreneurial coworking space.  It has open and flexible pieces that capitalize on natural light and the changing needs of business and learning environments.  Plus it has the technological components of a modern higher education facility.

 Schematic Design Layout of the Top Floor of the Riverside Building

Schematic Design Layout of the Top Floor of the Riverside Building

Now that construction is underway, the space is revealing more secrets and clues as to its evolution. As a lover of old buildings, I have reveled in each discovery to add to the complex narrative of this soon to be centennial building.

Construction is targeting a Thanksgiving completion date and once furniture arrives, Winona State University will be ready for classes for the spring semester.