Oronoco Farmstead

More than two years ago we met a young family with a beautiful tucked away farm in Oronoco.  They had bought a property with an old farmhouse, a barn and milkshed, and had grand plans to update the entire acreage.  With the benefit of time, they took the long view and have taken care of new roofs, power service, and miscellaneous repairs.  Now they are under construction on the first big modification to the home -- 1) expand the kitchen, 2)connect the floor plan, and 3) add a large exterior porch.

In typical farmhouse style, the house has an original footprint, and then addition, and then addition, and then addition, etc.  So we started as we do with every design process:

  • Document Existing Conditions
  • Provide Varied Design Solutions Options
  • Refine and Iterate


Once we were able to talk through the different aspects of the conceptual design options, we honed in on the direction that they felt fit the best.  

After that, it went into the computer to hard line dimensions and ensure proper clearances.  Plus some mock-ups in 3D to better visualize the complex roof lines and porch elements.  The focus was on creating a very simple solution to the rather complex problem.

Today the house is a full scale construction site with the porch nearly complete and interior demolition underway.  This stage in the project is filled with unforeseen conditions and surprises.  But they are in very capable hands with a seasoned contractor familiar with renovating these old buildings and we are excited to see this one come to life this summer.