Kutzky Market and Forager Brewery

Coming this summer to Rochester--and Kutzky Park Neighborhood--is a new type of establishment.  One that values taste and quality over mass production (sorry Budweiser).  A great summary was penned by Jeff Kiger today.  

The website and Facebook page also launched a few days ago and has been a welcomed addition to the burgeoning Craft Beer scene in Rochester.  Following Kinney Creek Brewery, Life's Too Short Brewing Company, and Grand Rounds Brewing Company, Forager Brewery is bringing small batch brewing paired with customized wood fired pizza.   

A lot has already been explained elsewhere, so I won't expound here.  But there is a fast and furious design process (still ongoing) that coincided with my signing up for the Sketchbook Project.  This particular sketchbook will chronicle the design ideas and steps in the process to design such a space and will live on in perpetuity with the Brooklyn Art Library.