Sontes Ice Bar 2014

Did you attend this year's SocialICE on the Peace Plaza?  

If you were brave enough to bear the frigid temps for just a few minutes you probably saw the artistic ice sculptures, heard the live music, and felt a numbness in your toes.  This was truly an event for ALL the senses.  

For the second straight year, Sontes teamed up with 9.SQUARE to design an ice bar to highlight their signature libation (Red Velvet Hot Chocolate made with Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur).  The theme played off the idea of a transformed chocolatier--the likes of which you might find in a small village in Europe--replete with chocolate truffles infused with liqueur.


For the ice bar itself, the idea was to create a kind of candy display case.  But instead of colorful chocolates and sweets, bright fruits that corresponded to the flavored vodkas available for the hot chocolate.  Suspended fruit, frozen in a cube, would then be lit from behind to add vibrancy to an otherwise monolithic ice slab.

photo 2.JPG

Nick Lensing deserves the credit for taking the sketchy idea and making it a reality with a graceful (and unplanned) dynamism.