The growth of Rochester over the past three years (and in the foreseeable future) will be putting increased pressure on our childcare, preschool and education systems to expand.  There have been building expansions/additions of other existing childcare centers and preschools planned and discussed, but 9.SQUARE recently assisted with one brand new startup preschool.  And you know us, we love a good startup.

Epic Endeavors Preschool Academy (recently profiled recently by Jeff Kiger from the Post-Bulletin highlighting Owner Trista Stamness's goal to focus on a STEM curriculum) will be nestled next to Slatterly Park and Sunnyside Neighborhoods across Broadway from Soldier's Field.  The small 1-story commercial building was set up for office space, but with some light renovations and ADA upgrades, it will be ready for kids this fall!

The design will be uniquely modern and bold, and many surprises not found in your typical preschool center.  

Construction is really rolling with new carpet, paint, doors, windows, mechanical systems and playground area planned.  This project promises to be true to its namesake.