Thursday on First

Something that I have always wanted to do, but never felt the freedom to do, was to sketch some street scenes at Thursday's on First--Rochester's weekly street festival.  So now that I am only accountable to me, I took it upon myself to set up an easel on a picnic table downtown and draw the most beautiful summertime scene in our fair city.

It was a LOT of fun, but pretty taxing.  The piece took about 4 hours to complete and that is with a meeting that was stuffed in toward the end.  The linework took the lion's share and color is admittedly no my forte.  But it is completed, and I did receive compliments from complete strangers so that helps boost the ol' confidence a bit.  

With the summer winding down (I would even go as far as to say it was "chilly" today) and only a few more Thursday's on First remaining, I was thankful to get this done and to say that I have done it.  And with one offer to purchase it, who knows, it may become an annual Rochester tradition.