BIG news

01 APRIL 2015 

-- for immediate release --

In conjunction with their move to new office space in the Cascade Creek Apartments building, local architect Adam Ferrari announces that his firm, 9.SQUARE | Community Design, will be undergoing a branding change.  After several months of work on crafting an image and brand identity that fit the direction where he wants the firm to go, they settled on: 10.SQUARE

The company is not only changing its name, but is also modifying its logo as well.  Adam explains, “9.SQUARE--and the nine squares in the logo--was all about balance, symmetry, and harmony.  10.SQUARE is more about unbalance, asymmetry, and discord.”   He continues, “I wanted the new logo to relate to the common man.  Not be about high design or any of that highfalutin stuff.  I desire to be 100% unpretentious and falutin-free.”  So Adam spurned the usual tools of graphic design (Adobe Creative Suite) and opted instead for Microsoft PowerPoint.  “I had a colleague once who explained that everything that you can do in Photoshop you can do in PowerPoint, so I thought this was a great opportunity to explore the medium.  Unfortunately PowerPoint didn’t have the font that was a part of the 9.SQUARE brand so I decided to switch to Comic Sans for some cool factor.”

Once the name change is official, Adam intends to apply for the State of California architectural license which requires the California Supplemental Exam (CSE).  This would become his 10th licensing exam taken to achieve licensure in California in addition to Minnesota.

Ultimately the desire to change the brand was a result of feeling tired and complacent with the same boring name for almost three years.  Adam feels that by changing things up he can capitalize on DMC and all the wonderful things that it is going to “take care of” within Rochester. 

“9.SQUARE was able to do some great things in the community and provided me an outlet for creative entrepreneurial activities.  And this will just be one better.”

Have a wonderful and foolish April 1st everybody :)