Room 204

Some small businesses start in a spare room, others start in the garage. 

9.SQUARE truly began in The Vault, Room 204.  

And now it is time to move forward.  But a special place in our heart will always be reserved for Room 204.  This 150 SF studio was the perfect spot to kick start a business with a passion for community and a flare for the urban.  In a quiet corner of the Union National Bank building 9.SQUARE grew from a 1-man, part time, gamble into a 2-man, boutique design firm.  It would not have been possible without Room 204. 

Rochester is about to undergo some drastic changes in the race to outspend and outurbanize Cleveland, Baltimore, and others.  And pretty soon there will be a dearth of spaces like Room 204.  A space that fosters creativity and provides a safe haven for budding entrepreneurs.  Downtown is getting to be something special and pretty soon the little guy will have to find shelter elsewhere.  

Don't interpret this the wrong way, I am not being forced out of downtown.  I am moving aside to let someone else take over.  And I hope and pray that this little room will prove to be essential in someone else's growth in the years to come.  

A new cohort of individuals will be setting up shop in Room 204 starting April 1st including Jamie Sundsbak (of BioAM fame) and other folks from the Center For Innovation at Mayo Clinic.  They have that eager optimism that I too had almost three years ago when I first laid eyes on Room 204.  

For now 9.SQUARE will be relocating to a more neighborhood feel.  A location that is also near and dear to our hearts, but for very different reasons.  We will be moving to our new spot on April 1st and once we are settled in we hope you can come and visit.  In the waning days of March we will be packing up and of course continuing to work on more creative renovation projects in Rochester.  Lots of exciting things are in store this spring...and it was all possible thanks in large part to Room 204.