smart. simple. design.

9.SQUARE offers expertise in architecture and urban design using simple, modern and comprehensive solutions to design problems.  Our success is derived from exceeding expectations and ensuring our client and the community is completely satisfied.


We believe that the process of design informs the product to create a unique result for each project.  Design requires patience, effort, and commitment because it is fluid and dynamic.  A design must function as intended and inspire the imagination to be a success.  We are not married to a pre-conceived concept.  We strive to listen to the client and produce multiple options with each iteration of a design bringing it closer to the goal.


For us, sustainability is inextricably linked to design, not an additional line item and certainly not offered at a premium.  "Green" is more than a fad and goes well beyond that label.  As we produce architecture and structures, we have an ethical obligation as much as a responsibility to be stewards of the environment and its resources.  Consumption is a consequence of demand.  Demand is a consequence of design.

charette process

The charette process is design in progress.  The literal definition evokes images of bleary-eyed designers frantically racing to finish their projects to be deposited in a cart wheeled around by their instructors.  It requires a committed and diverse team with clear goals and direction.  A successful charette should be fun, interactive, intense, and exciting.  When was the last time you solved all the world's problems in 4 hours?


The number nine has been a fundamental rudiment of design since the dawn of architecture.  Designers from Vitruvius to Mies Van der Rohe have utilized the nine-square-grid to define balance, proportion and scale.  For us, 9.SQUARE is a reminder that architecture is evolutionary, not revolutionary and will build upon the precedent of the past to reach new achievements in the future.