When the Kutzky Market and Forager Brewery project kicked off, we knew that these clients were in a league of their own.  For starters, they had lofty goals of combining disparate uses into one innovative umbrella business.  Not to mention helping to kick-start local entrepreneurs with various forms of incubator spaces.  But most unique was their selection of buildings, an abandoned ambulance garage turned grocery store in an industrial corridor along the northern edge of Kutzky Park Neighborhood.  Being in the core neighborhoods, instead of downtown, allowed them to be community-based and neighborhood-based while still walkable for local residents.  The project houses Forager Brewing Company (small batch beer using local ingredients) and a full restaurant with a focus on local, seasonal ingredients including wood-fired pizzas.  It is the Farmer's Market approach to beer making and pizza.  On the other side of the building is a daytime counterpart that includes Kutzky Market (retail stalls) and Kutzky Coffee.  It is a marriage of different fun, entrepreneurial uses under one roof, to create a space for people to come together.  The final design is a cozy, intimate atmosphere with an urban garden flair.  See in detail the design process at The Sketchbook Project.