if these walls could talk...

Completely overused, yes.  I apologize.  

But we are so excited to see the transformation starting to take place at the Conley-Maass-Downs building!  After so many decades of renovations and aesthetic treatments, we are turning back the clock to start over.  We imagine all the sights that have passed before these walls through the years.

We are discovering elements long forgotten about, or ones that nobody even realized were there.  This part of the process is always fun because it is part surgery and part forensic analysis.  

What is really exciting is now the openings are being cut that will connect these different levels with a modern elevator and egress stairs.  This process is done with careful precision to not disturb historic materials beyond what is absolutely necessary. Below the series of pictures shows how the spaces start to connect vertically through the building.

The demolition is about complete.  Things have reverted back to a time over 100 years ago that saw this building used for the purposes of the Rochester Woolen Mill.  This is one frozen moment in time where the two eras connect.  Starting soon the infrastructure will be installed and the spaces will begin to be filled with new uses and tenants.  These walls may be curious to know what is in store; that curiosity is matched by our own interest in understanding the past.