Cube 2.0

At 9.SQUARE we have been fortunate to work with lots of diverse people in the few short months we have been in existence.  During that time, we have had conversations with so many young and energetic entrepreneurs in Rochester.  It truly is a wonderful time in Rochester's history as people are taking destiny into their own hands and making the kind of life they want for themselves.  The paradigm of relying on a major institution to take care of problems is waning and a new paradigm of grassroots energy is being established.

As part of this growing trend, posted recently on the Design Advocacy Forum website, there is a new co-working center in Rochester built on the foundation of giving start-up businesses a place to scale their ideas.  Referred to as The Cube (named after the shape of the small building behind The Running Room that is their HQ) they have seen tremendous success since this summer when they made a permanent home.  So much success, in fact, that they have recently signed a lease on a new expansion to The Cube now called Cube 2.0.  9.SQUARE assisted in the visioning and design for Cube 2.0 which will house up to 18 Cubists and now boasts a private conference room and private bathroom!

Conceptual Floor Plan

The Conceptual Plan places the Cubists in the forefront and focuses energy and attention on the activity of the membership.  While Cube 2.0 will have a place for advertising of many "growth sponsors" around the entry, the environment is meant to be clean, open, and filled with the energy of the individuals.  Flexibility is built-in so that they can move and rearrange furniture to accommodate presentations, demos, and other reception type events.  

If you would like to be one of the first people to see the (almost) finished product, next Tuesday The Cube along with SoMNSourceLink and Rochester Entrepreneur Network (REN) will be having an open house at Cube 2.0.  Follow this link to RSVP for this free event from 4:00pm-8:00pm.  This open house also coincides with 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Week putting the focus on the amazing, talented, and creative individuals making it on their discipline and passion.

We hope to see you there!  I will be posting pictures if you cannot make it to see the space on Tuesday.