The Shop

If the Owner of Werkstatt 533 was hands-on during design, well then I need to come up with a new word for what he is during construction.  Within days of gaining access to the building for demolition, the Owner was driving a bobcat, working the sawzall, and snapping chalk lines to create the shop that we have been visioning for months.

Now demolition is all complete and brand new vehicle openings are cut in the building front and back.  The existing front waiting room sits like a diorama from a History Museum frozen in time.  There it shall remain until we button up the construction around it to preserve the character and feel of a mid-century modern waiting room.

The General Contractor, JT Egner Construction is crushing the schedule and rushing to get concrete poured and paint applied to the exterior before the impending freeze and snowfalls of winter. 

Sadly things did not pan out for Mike Meyers to assist with the exterior sign painting, so we are on to Greg Wimmer, painter of the most notable Rochester murals around (KTTC Building, CJ's Midtown Lounge, Kismet, among others).  He and Tulip Tree Studios are formulating design concepts for the exterior that will hopefully blend the spirit of the Vienna Werkstatt with the architectural facade.