What Happened?

When did it become fashionable to cover up hardwood flooring with mastic and floor tile?  I can't believe how many homes and buildings that I have been in where they decided to pull up the flooring or carpeting to discover beautiful hardwood underneath.

In our office the situation was exactly the same.  Beneath the 9x9 floor tile and black mastic are gorgeous maple hardwood which was recently sanded and coated with polyurethane to bring a light luster to the office.  There is more natural light, warmer feelings, and a fresh scent to usher in the new space.  If only I had a time machine to go back in time to see the architect or individual who decided to cover them up in the first place and promptly punch them in the face.  What happened to people?  Did they all go crazy at one time?  Is this the product of free love in the 1960's, or McCarthyism in the 1950's, or big band swing in the 1940's ?!  

Thank God this is not irreversible.  The pride has returned to this building.  A second chance for the second story.