Renovation Saves

"Well begun is halfway done."

Cliche? Sure. Trite? Perhaps.  But it works for us.

9.SQUARE begins each interaction by asking lots of questions.  It is important not to take anything for granted.  We can't simply jump into design unprepared.  There may have been lots of thought put into the decisions that led up to hiring an architect or even deciding whether or not to make changes to an existing building.  All of those factors are important to know so that a solution can be derived that is both appropriate and in direct response to the problem being faced.  Without this clear cause and effect relationship, you can undertake a large design or construction project and end up neither accomplishing your goals nor improving the situation.

Such was the case with Salem Road Covenant Church on 34th Avenue SW.  Their 10 acre property is technically outside of the City of Rochester limits and has a support building (that was a former single family residence), an assembly hall, and a pole shed recreation building.  They started down the path toward remodeling with a desire to create some additional office and class space in the support building.  Through a careful and structured analsyis we ultimately broke down their entire operation to determine the best approach for renovation. 

Aerial Photo.jpg

All of the cards were on the table for this project.  They were open to remodeling, small additions, or even tearing it down and re-building.  9.SQUARE helped them to evaluate those decisions based on their programmatic needs and ensure they were not overbuilding.  The result was a careful and meticulous renovation plan that improved numerous deficiencies throughout the aging structure including:

  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • ADA Compliant Restrooms
  • Child Care Services
  • Accommodating Congregation Growth in Classrooms
  • HVAC and Electrical Systems
  • Site Access, Utilization, and Circulation
  • Increased Storage

Plus, since they were investing in a structure that had been around for more than 50 years, they wanted to make sure they could count on it being there 50 years from now.  Construction is underway and the prudence of their decision making is already bearing fruit as we have found rotted and deteriorated construction that can be fully stabilized.  With the help of a wonderful general contractor (Reynolds Design + Construction) they are slicing into the existing building with a surgeon-like accuracy to preserve the portions that have good bones and reconstruct other areas to be more suitable to their needs.  Indeed the careful planning that went into this project is saving them long term maintenance dollars and undue financing costs for new construction.