Creative Solutions

9.SQUARE prides itself on overcoming obstacles by finding creative solutions.  They are the essence of design-thinking.  By now, if you follow the blog, you have seen adaptive reuse on different scales with a variety of use types and safety considerations.  For Grand Rounds Brewpub, the chief obstacle--inserting a micro-brewery into an old building--was definitely an opportunity for creative solutions.

The solution in this case was to design a structural support system for the brewhouse that was plenty strong for both the weight of the tanks AND the weight of the beer.  But also one that provided opportunities for cutting openings fairly easily without compromising the strength.  Additionally, the depth of the structure was critical because the space in the Basement was already a little short and had more equipment to be installed downstairs.  

The resultant material, was STEEL.  Just like its application in ships hulls and library stacks, this structural system is extremely strong and efficient (read: shallow) to allow for clearances below.  

The installation by Hawk & Sons was quite the sight!  They deftly maneuvered the beams around the hole and placed the entire system in a single day.  The structural floor was finished up the next day and construction can now continue.  

By far this was the most bold intervention in the existing building, but we think it offered a clean and singular solution to a fairly complex problem.  Custom?  Of course.  

But ultimately it was smart. simple. design.