Without a doubt this process has been inspirational.  The support I've received from members of the community to try to do some good is nothing short of humbling.  However, along the way there have been moments where I doubt my conviction and courage to tread new ground, and all that I have to fall back on is my faith, family, and ultimately myself.

The future is uncertain, but I have found confidence in a simple phrase.  I came across this phrase in one of the numerous PPS blogs or Atlantic Cities articles--somewhere where people were advocating for urbanism and placemaking.  It reminds me that this has all been done before, and that our buildings--and our environment--precedes us and will extend beyond us.  The best thing we can do is try to not adversely impact things too much.  

We don't amount to much, and the edifices that we construct crumble and succumb to the entropy of Mother Nature.  But as humans, we think.  We create.  We invent.  We become inspired.  

And as this next step takes me personally to a new place, I know that behind the doors of this old building, many others have dared to be adventurous and come up with their own new ideas.  Thanks Jane.