Let There Be (natural) Light

Part of the transformation of the 223 North Broadway building has to do with the change from a passive commercial use on the 2nd Floor to an active residential use.  This minor modification equates to major impact on the north facade of the building which was a blank wall, small storefront entry, billboard, and off-kilter garage/loading dock.

Adding a number of windows to the 2nd Floor allows natural light to penetrate deeper into the floor plan but also animates the elevation along 3rd Street NW.  Later, the Owner plans to change the garage door back to the original size and remove an elevated floor to bring the building in concert with the original design intent.   

Already the street elevation has improved and makes the building seem more like a vibrant building and less like a warehouse.  As an additional benefit, to make the windows an appropriate scale with the exterior, they are much taller than typical and allow more natural light inside.