2013 Ice Bar - Winning Design

If you decide to attend the Ice Bar event that is thrown in the Peace Plaza downtown Rochester, keep your eyes peeled for the following bar sponsored by Sontes Restaurant and High West Liquors.  The collaboration with 9.SQUARE was recently selected as one of the seven finalists for construction at the 2013 Ice Bar. 

Due to growing interest in the Ice Bar event, there is more demand for bars to showcase at the event than there are spots available.  So this year the RDA required that applicants supply a design which was evaluated by a jury before selecting the vendors.  The creation was inspired through conversations and preliminary sketches with the Owner of Sontes, Tessa Leung.  

The back bar is meant to be all wood, intended to be representative of the classic log cabin aesthetic that is a part of the High West Liqour brand.  With a large fireplace hearth in the center and mantle showcasing the names of the bar sponsors as well as the mascot of High West, the Jackalope.

The ice bar itself is carved from solid ice.  It is composed of a couple different elements, in the middle is an intricate and delicate carved full-relief sculpture in the Art Deco style.  This focal point of the design is a typical tiered relief sculpture, while the floral design on either side is inspired by the 1920's style fireplace screens that were prevalent at the time.  Flanking either side of the curved bar are solid ice chunks--scored to look like glass block.  Glass block was a huge part of Art Deco architecture and a brand new material in the early 20th Century.  The wings are also lowered just a little bit to place bottles on their side under the top bar.  Depending on how thin they can make the top ice bar, you should be able to see the bottles all below the bar.  At this level there would also be accent lights to make the bar top glow and add the the visual illusion that seems to "float" above the glass block portions.

Thanks to the Rochester Downtown Alliance and the jury for selecting the design, and of course a huge thanks to Tessa for inviting 9.SQUARE to be a part of the design process.  We are excited to have an ice cold martini come February!