Non-Profits Need Space Too

Working with limited resources and tenuous grant dollars, non-profits often struggle to make their space or facility suitable for their needs.  The best method for making something work is to find an opportunity that is in an unusual spot; the proverbial diamond in the rough.  

Three Rivers Community Action, Inc discovered this beautiful building tucked behind the old Star Bread Bakery building (now the Workforce Development Center) on 11th Avenue NW.  This annex used to be used for maintenance of delivery vehicles.

 Star Bread Bakery Annex Building

Star Bread Bakery Annex Building

With a modest budget and a lightning fast timeline, Three Rivers set about establishing this satellite office space in Rochester.  With a final cost hovering around $23/SF, the 2-story renovation will provide office space for up to 12 employees of Three Rivers as well as extra space on the Lower Level for sublease to another non-profit. 

9.SQUARE began working with Three Rivers at the initial programming and pre-design phase and quickly continued into design and construction.  The employees should be showing up in just a few days for this project which started a mere four weeks ago.