making an impact

Rochester is the birthplace of 9.SQUARE.  We opened our doors in August of 2012 with a foundational understanding of this place and this community.  We have helped start-up businesses create their first space and we have donated pro bono design services to make the community stronger.  Because making things happen is different than getting things done.  And we have been proud to do our small part in catalyzing the change that you see in Rochester today.  

Obstacles still remain.  The inertia of mediocrity is stifling at times.  The individuals in power have worked their entire lives to get there and are not about to rock the boat for fear of losing their standing.  So we must move as waves on the ocean: united, unrelenting, and pervasive.  That is how you make an impact.  

ToNic and Limb Lab are featured in this short video