9.SQUARE moves to Kutzky Park

We announced earlier this month that our days in The Vault, Room 204 were coming to an end.  Now we are happy to announce that beginning April 1st we make our move to Kutzky Park Neighborhood.  

The Kutzky Park Neighborhood has been booming in recent years with the growth and development of downtown Rochester.  Numerous apartment buildings have been in the news as private developers and non-profit developers alike have responded to the neighborhoods' character, charm, proximity, walkability, and livability.  

More than a decade ago, the neighborhood had fallen on hard times and out of public favor.  Crime and deteriorated housing forced property values down and established a negative stigma for this perfectly situated neighborhood.  Through the will and determination of countless involved neighborhood residents a long range vision plan was created and a path forward was carved.

Now the neighborhood is outpacing many others as "most desirable."  The area is so illustrious that our very own City Councilman Ed Hruska owns rental property there.  The Neighborhood is also near and dear to 9.SQUARE because it houses many of the first projects we ever designed.  Including the very first, Cocktails and Dreams.  We have loved every minute of being in the heart of downtown Rochester over the past couple years, but we are now excited to venture toward the edge.  

Our new home will be inside of the Cascade Creek Apartment building complex along 6th Avenue NW and Civic Center Drive.  

 Cascade Creek Apartments

Cascade Creek Apartments

This LEED for Homes apartment building was once the site of eleven blighted properties conceived of as an integral part of the revitalization of Kutzky Park Neighborhood by Steve Thornton and the former Board of Directors of the Rochester Area Foundation.  It set the standard for redevelopment in the core neighborhoods and became part of the first truly mixed-use development.

On the ground floor--south side along 4th Street NW--there sits 2,000 SF of commercial space.  Back in 2012 we helped Kellie Mueller lay out the plan for this commercial space to satisfy her desire of creating an open space for multiple tenants with shared amenities (conference room, kitchenette, bathrooms, etc.).  And now we will be housed within that space alongside Midwest Landing and likely some other tenants as well in the future.  

When we get everything situated, we plan to hold an open house to invite everyone who has been so instrumental in our success over to visit and check out the digs.   

Onward and upward!!