Cascade Creek Fit Out

For those who followed (or are still following) the long arc of the Cascade Creek Redevelopment project, you may know that the Kutzky Park Neighborhood has been at the forefront of bringing about change they desire to increase the livability and walkability of the neighborhood.  To that end, the Cascade Creek Apartments had 2,000 SF of ground floor commercial space built into the project in the hopes of attracting an active street level retail tenant.

 View from 4th Street NW and 6th Avenue NW

View from 4th Street NW and 6th Avenue NW

After more than a year without any activity in the unfinished space, a neighborhood resident decided to inquire about the space for locating her and her husband's businesses.  9.SQUARE was hired to help with the layout of the space with a very tight budget and knowing that there was far more space than she or her husband needed.  So the design was minimal in gestures, but flexible enough to attract other office sub-tenants with upscale amenities in a prime downtown location. 

Now more than 6 months after starting that process there is a new tenant who is in the process of completely decorating the interior to be more consistent with their brand identity.  So the minimalist aesthetic is now lending itself to a different set of design styles accomplishing the goals that the client set out to achieve.  

open office-final.jpg