Top 5 "Green" Things about ToNic

In addition to the myriad sustainable features being included as part of Tonic's menu and food preparation, there are some green building features that 9.SQUARE has included in the construction.  Below is a quick run down of the top five: 

5) Somewhat of a no-brainer is the fact that this is an adaptive reuse of an existing building.  And as countless sustainable building and preservation advocates will attest, "the greenest building is the one that already exists."  All of the embodied energy is retained in the existing structure and in the case of ToNic, updated and modernized to last another 50 years. 

4) All of the existing ductwork was painstakingly pulled down and then reinstalled back in place to install a code compliant fire separation between the upstairs hotel units and the restaurant.  This reduced landfill waste and new production of sheet metal.

photo 2.JPG
photo 7.JPG

3) LED light fixtures are being utilized throughout the renovation from low-voltage "puck" lights for product displays to raceway lights for under cabinet light, and our personal favorite, LED recessed can light kits.  These lights use a fraction of the energy of even their CFL counterparts.

 LED Recessed Can

LED Recessed Can

2) A very cool product called 3form uses organic materials compressed between layers of translucent resin for decorative panels.  These are nothing new in the industry, but on their website you can purchase overstock or excess pieces leftover from previous projects to reduce the amount of material hitting the landfill.  Keep an eye out for these reclaimed products in a couple of locations around the restaurant.


1) By far the newest product used in this design, and a first for 9.SQUARE, is the countertop used for the bar.  The material called Paperstone, is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.  This solid surface countertop product is FSC certified and qualifies for LEED credits.  It is highly durable, and will be a featured part of the green features of the ToNic construction.