The Doggery Photos

9.SQUARE was approached around this time last year by a group that was looking to create an underground bar in an office building on Historic 3rd Street.  Over the course of the year, chronicled here, here, and here on the 9.SQUARE blog, the project picked up steam and is now open for business. 

If you haven't been downstairs to see The Doggery yet, it is unlike any other bar in Rochester.  The cocktails are custom and the ambiance is unique.  We are extremely proud of the opportunity we had to help the proprietor realize their vision.  Below are some final images taken by Cheeky Monkey Studio of the finished product.  

Drink well.  Speak easy! 

Doggery - 32-af.jpg
Doggery - 17-af.jpg
Doggery - 09-af.jpg
Doggery - 08-af.jpg
Doggery - 07-af.jpg
Doggery - 05-af.jpg
Doggery - 19-af.jpg
Doggery - 01-af.jpg
Doggery - 12-af.jpg
Doggery - 16-af.jpg