All Growns Up

Jeff Kiger from the Post Bulletin first reported on the software development firm Brandix i3 as they graduated from the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator.  9.SQUARE was involved from inception to develop this "unique" space and create an office environment that departs from the norm.  The highlight for us was working to craft a space that felt professional at times and playful at other times.  To capture the dichotomy of this start-up business which promotes a strong work-life balance.  In addition, the three "i"s (intuition, innovation, integration) were subtle design drivers.  

The space was raw and unfinished; a perfect canvas to explore ideas ranging from open work stations, private offices, flexible partitions, and multiple levels.  The space that Brandix i3 is graduating from (Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator) is one of the few spaces in the BioBusiness Center building that has kept much of the "industrial" aesthetic.  For Brandix i3, the challenge was to take that industrial theme but make it more warm and inviting.  Plus they have a desire to grow beyond their initial size.  So we had to plan for future expansion and determine how that would all tie together into a complete design yet remain functional and coherent during Phase 1.

The hallmark of this design is collaboration.

Collaboration happens everywhere these days.  Either on the screen, via video conference, at a coffee shop, or playing pool.  Companies have begun to understand that creativity cannot be scripted or rushed and the impromptu nature of collaboration should be fostered by the environment.  Brandix i3 desired to be very open and have workstations proximate to white boards and large desks for quick sketches or outlines of ideas.  At the same time, privacy for health care related activities needed to be accommodated.  The end result has minimal hard construction elements and a plethora of unique details (our favorite being 90-year-old reclaimed hardwood flooring from the 223 North Broadway).  The final design also incorporates a variety of space types that promote different office "actions" while remaining flexible to future changes in technology and work flow.  

For a brief walk-thru animation of the space, click here.