A Simple Plan

Complexity happens in architecture.  Therefore, the more simple the solution can remain, the better off you are since the complexity of construction, codes, regulations, and details will inevitably emerge.  This process--the creation of a simple solution--is the service that we pride ourselves on providing to our clients.  9.SQUARE expends more energy on the front end analyzing, questioning, and understanding the problem from all perspectives to test out a variety of solutions.

Grand Rounds Brewpub served up a very complex design problem.  The historic building, has been well maintained and much of the infrastructure has been brought up to modern standards and current codes.  The fact that there is a commercial kitchen and that there was a restaurant in the building already gave us a giant advantage.  But the insertion of a full scale microbrewery into the building, is where the complexity exists.  

We began by studying the best location for the brewhouse.  Knowing that the final location had to have access to water, natural gas, mechanical ventilation, and electrical was a key factor in the decision.  After that, the visibility of the brewing process was of paramount importance and how the bar was experienced both from outside the building as well as from within.  Keeping in mind the space requirements, structural requirements, and workflow of the brewhouse, we were all able to come to consensus on the final location.

That was how we arrived at this place-specific, Creative Solution, and the simple plan.  By taking advantage of gravity and the stacking of elements, we carved out an ultra-efficient square footage for brewing and storing the beer.  After that, the decision making was easy.  The design of the brewery benefits from being in its own environmentally separated space, and from being located directly above the beer storage tanks in the cold room.   

In the end, we hope that the design speaks for itself.  Few people (if any) will care about the process, but we know that it was through the design process we were able to achieve something transformative.  

We hope that the interior design blends well with the gastro-pub theme and makes the most of a gorgeous old building.  

We are proud of the many elements of the design that the Client used as a jumping off point to embellish and enhance.  Our Client truly embraced the vision.  

This project has been a tremendous challenge to execute.  But with the help of extremely knowledgeable and talented contractors, an unflinching Client, and a dedication to our simple plan, the finished product is something we think Rochester will fall in love with.