Introducing Chris Kenow

We are proud to welcome the newest member of the 9.SQUARE team, Chris Kenow.

Chris moved to Rochester in 2013, but he is a native Minnesotan.  Born in St. Paul and raised in Eagan, Chris attended the University of Minnesota Twin Cities to study architecture and graduated in Spring 2013 with a Bachelor's of Design in Architecture.  Like most Minnesota brethren, Chris enjoys the outdoor life including going camping, hiking, and fishing.  He also enjoys movies, video games, and building things (preferable over buying from a store).

Chris moved to Rochester after school to explore what options were here.  He has been working at multiple jobs in the hospitality industry honing his skills related to serving the public.  He is a hard worker and dedicated, which is a great combination for design thinking.  This is his first opportunity to work in the architecture industry and he is both nervous and ecstatic.

When I attended the University of Minnesota, I had the chance to do a couple design/build workshops. One being a community garden located in Northeast Minneapolis, the design thinking and problem solving that was needed for that type of project really appealed to me. Since the project was a design/build, we (the students) were given the chance to actually construct the object we were designing, which is not too common for our curriculum. Our professor, James Wheeler, really opened our eyes to the possibility of pro bono, community interest designs where we were able to be a part of community, help them fix an issue, and give them an actually constructed result that they could be proud of. When I moved to Rochester, I was looking for a firm that was approachable, that had a feeling of community and giving back to the city. I did not want a firm that rarely met with the client and just designed cookie cutter office spaces. I wanted a firm that was willing to push the design sense in Rochester and bring some life their projects. 9.SQUARE was that firm.

Welcome, Chris.  And here's to the continued advancement of design excellence in Rochester!  (All images are courtesy of Chris Kenow)